About The Designer

Susan Bacot-Davis earned a three year High Distinction, Applied Science in Design degree from The New York School of Interior Design in Manhattan. She also holds a BA from Hamilton College.

Susan arrived in the field of interior design initially by accident when an associate asked if she would design an Italian restaurant in the newly opened Library Hotel in Manhattan. She was running her own video production company at the time but agreed to try her hand at the task because the owner (having admired the design in her homes) had confidence that she would be well equipped to tackle the challenge. She did design the space to his content, but the restaurant would soon change hands due to an unexpected move abroad by the owner. The experience was enough to excite Susan about the process of interior design, and allowed her to realize that she would benefit from formal training. She had always had a passion for design though she had previously only used such creative talents in her own homes.


SusanShe enrolled in a few classes at the New York School of Interior Design in New York City and decided, from the positive experience and from the urging of her professors, to pursue a degree there. While there, she was trained by world-renowned interior designers and architects who demanded exacting standards. She continues to hold herself to those same high standards and attention to meticulous detail in all of her work.

Since graduating in 2005 Susan has worked on commercial and residential projects around the country, including boats, inns, offices, restaurants and a variety of residential projects of all scales.


Dog Friendly Spaces - About the DesignerSusan also has career backgrounds in public relations, speech writing, development work in West Africa, and video production. She enjoys frequent world travels where she is continually inspired by the culture, landscape, architecture, art and interior design of foreign lands. These international influences can be seen in her work.

Susan interiors are above all, practical and highly functional. Children, pets and the like are always considered in creating beautiful spaces so that they can be accommodated comfortably in the space without fear of spoiling it. She also pays close attention to construction methods inside the walls that surround the spaces she designs to protect her client’s investments. Improper wiring or plumbing can easily destroy a space with flooding or fire.


The Comforts of Linen and Cashmere - WIYSusan started designing non-toxic spaces after discovering her own chemical sensitivities. She shared her research with clients and they loved the idea of non-toxic spaces even if they didn’t have acute sensitivities. She now does lectures in public venues about how to green your home and office, and has recently been spending time teaching parents how to create healthy sleep and play spaces for their children.

Susan’s passion for preserving environment naturally fit with her non-toxic initiatives and her clients appreciate the money-saving measures in their home that also protect and preserve the environment at large (see “Why Green” for more information on Emmet Carter’s green expertise).

Susan Bacot-Davis- About the Designer