What Inspires You? (Thoughts From The Designer)


About the Designer (in Africa)

About the Designer (desert)Discovering what inspires my clients is an integral and exciting part of the design process. We are all moved by the images, cultures, creations and views around us. My job is to translate those items of inspiration into design elements that delight my clients each time they walk into a space.

About the DesignerWhat inspires me? I have put together a collage of photos from my travels and life. Of course, what inspires me is not relevant in my creations of designs for others, but I suspect that you may see these elements creeping into some of my designs when they synch with the client’s inspirations too. Above all you’ll notice a strong affinity for nature which frequently translates into my interior sensibilities. Any one of the images below could be the starting point or foundation for the design of a room. The colors, patterns, shapes, textures, moods and juxtapositions of these images can readily translate into interior elements. Which ones speak to you?

I am moved by undeveloped mountains, water, desert, fire and sunsets; by vast quiet landscapes that challenge the brain; foreign cultures, costumes and artistic creations; the glorious textures, shapes and patterns in the natural world and on the coats of birds, fish and mammals; unexpected juxtapositions; flowers, seas, grasses and skies with impossibly vibrant colors that wake up the senses: soft muted tones with varying hues that invite pause and reflection; handmade items; ancient and historic architecture (both primitive and refined); modern buildings that at once contrast and connect to nature; grasses, snow, sand, water and textiles that invite touch; well worn items with pleasing signs of appreciation; unexpected apertures, synchronicity when it occurs between the natural and man-made world; nature when it dwarfs humanity; light and all its moods and fickleness; the road ahead, yet discovered…

What is your list? What do your photos reveal about you?