Here's a list of green design, green renovation and a green lifestyle companies and products that we are familiar with and willing to recommend.The order is a bit haphazard, a testament not to hierarchic ranking but serendipity.

Earth Friendly Products We use their cleansers, detergents, furniture polish and even their non-salt ice melting product. Thumbs up and widely available. 

Farmhouse Wares This handsomely designed website boasts "Vintage Style, Eco-Friendly Farmhouse Decor and Gifts, including Recycled Glasses, Treleela Tea, Farmhouse Laundry Products, and French Country Decor." A family-run business with a friendly touch.

Sweet Grass Farm The website design is crisp, clean and easy-to-use. This is the birthplace of the Farmhouse Furniture Wax we use on our antique furniture.